new beginnings!

Well as you all know we did not win the big lottery!!  Easy come easy go!! So since we aren't going to move to the islands and live off of the nuts and berries of the land I guess we better get busy with plan b which is to transform the boarding house.  As you all know the Boarding house is the big building behind the main shop that we store furniture in and we let you wonder thru it with the instructions that if you misbehave we will call your Mama!!!!! Look for the exciting news concerning this building  in the next few weeks!!! This week we will try and unload the box truck so you will have a whole new batch of junk to look thru and dream of transforming for your home or office.  In that shipment is a huge kubbard that looks good from both sides.  You have to see this work of art.  Hand painted and cute as it can be!  Would make a great room divider or shop piece because it truly is cute either side.  A center island for the kitchen with a front made out of clear bins full of all kinds of beans!!  Unusual and different!  None of your friends will have one that is for sure. Round bar table with 2 tall stools.  Great for small space.3 Hitchcock chairs, fake steps, lowboy that would make a great bedside table, french country vanity and so much more!!  It is packed to the very top and we used a stick to hold it in to close it! Also coming up there will be the 31 days of color!  Be sure to follow us because in your mind you are going to be thinking.... I can do that!!  Guess what you can and we will show you how to transform your home with color!!!

Looking forward to the holidays and seeing all of our family and friends!  Thank you guys for helping us grow and grow and grow!!  There is no way we would be where we are without all of our junkin buddies!!

The Olde Boarding House

Well it finally happened!! We open the old house out back with The 1st Annual Tomatoe Sandwich Day. We had wonderful weather, great help putting it on and lots of old friends and new friends join us for the day! Sales were great also!! If you have not been by to see the old house recently you are in for a surprize. It has been painted and spruced up and she is looking good!! We have filled it with lots of neat stuff such as french country, shabby chic, country junk, and everything else. Medleyanna's! is still going strong and we still bring in 7-10 loads every week. In the fall we are going to do some classes on gardening, floor cloths, stenciling and lots more. Also in Sept we have Sat nites on the porch with bluegrass music. We look forward to seeing you!

jan 2009 a new year!!!!!

Hello everyone long time since last blog. We had a wonderful dec and holiday and I'm so glad they are over!!!!! I'm ready for spring green grass flowers birds singing and warm weather!!! We are getting ready to change the shop around for spring and gardening. We got 2 really neat gardening benches in RED and White. also in the next week we hope to clean out our courtyard and start with the wrought iron. There is alot of new neat furniture in the shop just waiting for you to shabby chic it or just love it the way it is. We have some new reproduction furniture in and have ordered several other big pieces that will be in by the middle of feb we hope. Cute chocolate cabinets in red or white. Lots of little bedside tables and some really neat double iron beds. We are getting ready to make some new signs also If we don't have your color or saying ask us and we may have that saying already or if it is a really good one we can order it and make it for you. We are pricing the stencil machine now and trying to decide if we should buy our own or keep ordering from our rep. looking forward to 2009 and a successful year in junkin!!! We have stopped listening to the news we are making our own news and it is 2009 is going to be a great year!!! harriet

Hello! I can't believe its already December and almost the end of the year. We have been so busy we have been unable to blog! We had Customer appreciation day and Christmas Open House since my last blog. Both were wonderful and very successful. This weekend we are going ahead and marking all Christmas to 50% We are already getting Spring mdse in and we got our last load of wrought iron from our supplier. They are getting out of wrought iron into something else so I guess we will have to be on the look out for someone else to do the Mexican run. I don't think Jerry or I have enough Spanish under our belts!!!LOL We went to a Auction and really got a lot of neat stuff. Several old cabinets and a couple of farm tables. A white Hoosier and a white with red trim enamel table. Both would look good in a country kitchen. I have even thought of putting the Hoosier in the bath-room at the farm house. The farm house is starting to shape up We have got the plumbing roughed in and the staircase moved to another room. Also new windows and french doors in the gathering room. We also painted the siding red (Barn Red!) My favorite color. Will keep you posted on our progress. Harriet

new junk in shop

Jerry and I went on a junkin trip Friday and filled up the trailor and truck with really neat stuff. A few of our treasures are 2 neat chairs with ottermans that fit up to them. Really cool side tables and lots of mirrors (one of my favorite things to decorate with!) Some new wrought iron also came in. Hope everyone had a great day at Cameron and thank you for stoppin by either on your way to or back. We had a great day and we appreciate it! It was nice to have some room to bring the new stuff in. Jerry spent yesterday painting in the garage and pulled out a cute little kidney shaped vanity and really nice table. He painted them white and shabby! Come by to see us and visit. Harriet

rainy days

We had a rainy, messy day at the shop. The rain took a short break and we brought in 2 real cute cabinets. One is a yellow kitchen kubbard and the other is a black hall piece with a beveled mirror. If the rain quits tomorrow we will load up the side walk! I talked with someone that went to Liberty and they said they did have alittle clear weather but yesterday was horrible with the wind and rain and tents not a good combination! I hope Saturday turns out perfect for them. It is alot of work to set up for these events. Come by to see us we are dealing! up coming events are Customer Appreciation Day and Christmas Open House. Talk with you later. Harriet

about medleyanna's

I guess I should of done this blog 1st, but being new to this I did it backwords. I own a cute little junk shop at the stoplight in West End, NC We started the shop about 11 years ago in our back yard in a little building my husband built for me. We named the shop after our grand-daughters Medley and Andianna (who are 2 of our favorite people) The shop did well at our house until 9/11 and then we had a very poor year to say the least. We moved the shop to the stoplight in West End in October of that year and the rest is history. We grew from a 10x10 space to our current situation which is the entire building (2000 sq feet) We love junk and the thrill of the hunt. We can't stand to be wasteful and encourage everyone to use the good up in all of they stuff. Another project we are working on is a house built in 1772 on a beautiful creek in Montgomery County. We will keep you posted on it. We love it out there and go out for picnics on the creek when we can. We hope to have Thanksgiving with our families out on the grounds this holiday. blessings to all of you and have a great junkin day.

My first blog

Good Sunday Morning. It is a beautiful day here. A great day to go junkin. But since Liberty is this week-end (Sept 26 &27th) I will pass and save my $ for one of my favorite antique shows. We are working on some new signs for the shop and the Meet the Merchants in Seven Lakes this Tuesday nite. Don't see a sign you want tell us the quote and we will see what we can do. Its been a great week at the shop. We cleaned out a house from the 50's the first of the week and had some great vintage beds/dressers/vanity/ and tables. I said had because alot of them left the shop yesterday. We are still bringing in 3-4 truck loads every week and you never know what will be in the shop. Some weeks primitive some french country some shabby. Its all fun and we love our job. We love junk. catch you later Harriet