jan 2009 a new year!!!!!

Hello everyone long time since last blog. We had a wonderful dec and holiday and I'm so glad they are over!!!!! I'm ready for spring green grass flowers birds singing and warm weather!!! We are getting ready to change the shop around for spring and gardening. We got 2 really neat gardening benches in RED and White. also in the next week we hope to clean out our courtyard and start with the wrought iron. There is alot of new neat furniture in the shop just waiting for you to shabby chic it or just love it the way it is. We have some new reproduction furniture in and have ordered several other big pieces that will be in by the middle of feb we hope. Cute chocolate cabinets in red or white. Lots of little bedside tables and some really neat double iron beds. We are getting ready to make some new signs also If we don't have your color or saying ask us and we may have that saying already or if it is a really good one we can order it and make it for you. We are pricing the stencil machine now and trying to decide if we should buy our own or keep ordering from our rep. looking forward to 2009 and a successful year in junkin!!! We have stopped listening to the news we are making our own news and it is 2009 is going to be a great year!!! harriet