The Olde Boarding House

Well it finally happened!! We open the old house out back with The 1st Annual Tomatoe Sandwich Day. We had wonderful weather, great help putting it on and lots of old friends and new friends join us for the day! Sales were great also!! If you have not been by to see the old house recently you are in for a surprize. It has been painted and spruced up and she is looking good!! We have filled it with lots of neat stuff such as french country, shabby chic, country junk, and everything else. Medleyanna's! is still going strong and we still bring in 7-10 loads every week. In the fall we are going to do some classes on gardening, floor cloths, stenciling and lots more. Also in Sept we have Sat nites on the porch with bluegrass music. We look forward to seeing you!