new beginnings!

Well as you all know we did not win the big lottery!!  Easy come easy go!! So since we aren't going to move to the islands and live off of the nuts and berries of the land I guess we better get busy with plan b which is to transform the boarding house.  As you all know the Boarding house is the big building behind the main shop that we store furniture in and we let you wonder thru it with the instructions that if you misbehave we will call your Mama!!!!! Look for the exciting news concerning this building  in the next few weeks!!! This week we will try and unload the box truck so you will have a whole new batch of junk to look thru and dream of transforming for your home or office.  In that shipment is a huge kubbard that looks good from both sides.  You have to see this work of art.  Hand painted and cute as it can be!  Would make a great room divider or shop piece because it truly is cute either side.  A center island for the kitchen with a front made out of clear bins full of all kinds of beans!!  Unusual and different!  None of your friends will have one that is for sure. Round bar table with 2 tall stools.  Great for small space.3 Hitchcock chairs, fake steps, lowboy that would make a great bedside table, french country vanity and so much more!!  It is packed to the very top and we used a stick to hold it in to close it! Also coming up there will be the 31 days of color!  Be sure to follow us because in your mind you are going to be thinking.... I can do that!!  Guess what you can and we will show you how to transform your home with color!!!

Looking forward to the holidays and seeing all of our family and friends!  Thank you guys for helping us grow and grow and grow!!  There is no way we would be where we are without all of our junkin buddies!!