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Harriet and Jerry


Years ago I was a yard sale, estate sale and auction junkie!  Every week I went on the thrill of the hunt! I had so much "junk" I was on the verge of being a hoarder! 

I told my husband Jerry if I had a little shop I would sale some of my junk.  The next thing I knew, Jerry had built me a little shop in our back yard and Medleyanna's! was BORN! 

We named the shop after our two oldest grandchildren Medley and Andianna.  We kept the shop in our back yard until 2001 when we moved to our West End location.  

Medleyanna's! started in 1/3 of the building and gradually grew to the entire front of the building.  

Our West End location is loaded with new items every week so you never know what you will find.  

Privatives, antiques, country junk, shabby chic,  French country, garden, smell name it, we probably have it! 

Come see us at all of our locations! 

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